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Our organization offers training or individual mentoring led by the best professionals in their fields for those who wish to deepen their knowledge or the knowledge of the organization’s members. We recommend choosing the type of service considering the organization’s specific needs. Training or a training cycle integrated with individual mentoring is available upon request.

Training or mentoring that we offer are designed for improving knowledge and get acquainted with topics such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, smart sensors and electronics, GIS-based technologies, the application of drone systems, distributed network systems, and blockchains, spectroscopy and remote monitoring, business information systems, cloud computing, R&D accounting, and declaration. We are ready to offer training on other topics related to the agrifood sector.

Our training can be conducted by theoreticians (members of the academic community) or practitioners (business representatives or experts in a specific field) based on your needs. It is possible for representatives of academic and industrial areas to synergize during the training. We provide training services designed to share knowledge and improve experimental and methodological skills.

In order to ensure the quality of our training, we have developed a unique program that only applies to courses purchased from us. The training program can be customized to meet the needs of your organization if necessary. Training durations range from 2 to 8 hours. The price and time of the entire training cycle will be negotiated individually with the customer. There are two options for training: online and live (we can arrange the training place ourselves or come to your office).

It is possible for us to provide catering for the training participants as well as internal and external dissemination. When choosing an information dissemination service, its specific steps are discussed individually. It also includes the preparation of content and visuals for communication via the intranet, social networks, e-mail, and the organization’s website. The article will also be published on Internet portals.

Those who express interest in mentoring services will be offered a list of 2 to 5 possible mentors from which they may choose the one that best fits their needs.


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