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The service of providing assistance in commercializing developed technological solutions is intended for organizations or individuals who already have a functioning technology and seek to further develop or commercialize it. It is especially relevant for small and medium-sized companies, which often need help assessing the product’s potential in the market, attracting investments, and finding additional sources of funding.

This service package includes a detailed market analysis with supporting documentation explaining the expected market share to be served and reached, sales and/or distribution channels from sources. We also offer developing a business plan, which will include information on the main user groups, key leading suppliers and potential partners, main activities, required resources, proposed customer attraction strategies and channels, possible product pricing design, and potential sources of income. After assessing the technology, we will also identify potential alternative funding sources. This service package also includes individualized consultations on business development (for example, national or foreign markets, search for partners, development of a new product, increasing market penetration and others).


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