Creation of stakeholder ecosystem and synergy




By using this service, you can gain a deeper understanding of the agrifood market and meet potential partners to develop new products and services. It can also help you better define your potential customers and their potential revenue. Furthermore, the service can evaluate opportunities to join local or international networking groups. As a final benefit, you will be able to get detailed profiles of your competitors in Lithuania, the Baltic States, Europe, or worldwide.

Based on your needs, we can analyze and present results from any country. Moreover, we can evaluate only companies or other actors of appropriate size or the entire sector regardless of individual measurement criteria.

As a result of the market analysis, you will be able to view a general market analysis, a base of potential customers in different sections, as well as detailed profiles of potential partners and competitors.

Additionally, this service offers the opportunity to coordinate your organization with potential partners and conduct a feasibility study.

With the Ecosystem activity planning and modeling service, we can also prepare the most effective plan and model for you, as well as when to start contacting potential partners. You will learn which networking and ecosystem groups would be most beneficial for your organization, and how to plan your activities and steps to obtain the most benefits from these networking forms.


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