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Co-innovation is a service for organizations or groups conducting or preparing to kick-off scientific research and experimental development (R&D) projects. The services provided in this package will allow a better understanding of the organization’s operating environment and enable the organization to create and manage innovations throughout the system’s life cycle.

The package of joint innovation development services offers the preparation of project management guidelines and plans, business model guidelines, and consulting services on project management. By leveraging the services in this package, organizations will improve their ability to innovate, optimize processes, adapt products and services to customer needs, and drive more meaningful customer engagement. This will create a more sustainable position for them in the market. All services will be adapted to the specifics of projects, considering the budget, duration, number of partner organizations, and R&D products being developed. The content of the services will be adjusted during the initial and subsequent meetings with the client to respond to the client’s needs to the extent possible.

After evaluating and selecting the most suitable project management methods for the specific R&D project, the prepared project management guidelines will detail the methods of project thinking. Project management guidelines will include the identification of key project milestones and operationalization of the key research questions, proposed time allocation of tasks and resources in a way that ensures timely achievement of project goals. The guidelines will also identify potential project implementation risks and suggest possible ways to mitigate them.

The business model canvas will briefly present the commercialization potential of the ongoing project and emphasize the key factors for the business model’s success. It will allow organizations to consider commercial needs in early stages of technology development. Unlike the project management guidelines, the business model canvas will assess and present in more detail the commercialization potential of the R&D project results and the essential elements of the business model: technological solutions, main user groups and their needs, leading suppliers and other partners, main activities, required resources, value proposition, proposed customer attraction strategies, channels, possible product pricing, and sources of revenue.

Individualised project management consultations tailored to the client’s needs throughout the project implementation will ensure the smooth implementation of the project. It may also contain practical advice from experts of the specific field in case any technical questions or problems occur that require very specialized expertise. Different consultation packages are offered, considering the varying needs of potential clients, the different scope of projects, and the diverse content of consultations. For those with little or no experience in managing R&D projects and/or large-scale R&D projects, we recommend selecting the longer duration of consultations (3-5 days). Additional consultations can be purchased later.


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